Hyperlocal API Gets Relaunched from the Inside Out

A while back, we talked about using popular APIs to develop a new type of online hub for small towns and local areas. We talked about grabbing images, tweets, and all sorts of content, but we forgot a very important part: the news. Thanks to Outside.in's revamped API, we can add local news to the mix.

Outside.in is a news site specializing in hyperlocal news and it's just launched the second version of the Outside.in API. You can search for any city, big or small, and they'll find all of the news stories for the given area. It's actually pretty cool and returned some things I didn't know about in my own home town.

Outside.in's API is RESTful and incredible simple to get up and running, not to mention exactly as detailed as you want. You can search by state, city, or even neighborhood. There's also an API to get the area IDs, in the event that you're just passing data from a user-facing form to the API, which is handy. You can get more specific by limiting your search to keywords or a time period.

Outside.in's API would be an excellent addition to a town website or even a small community site, thanks to the keyword and time limitation options. Currently, CNN is using the Outside.in API to show users their local news on CNN.com and in the CNN iPhone app.

We covered the initial Outside.in API launch almost two years ago.

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