IBM Adds New Capabilities to Bluemix OpenWhisk

IBM has announced that new capabilities have been added to IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk including a new API Gateway and automatic configuration of external endpoints. IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is a commercial extension of Apache OpenWhisk, an open source event-driven compute Platform that executes application logic in response to events or triggers from other Web apps, mobile apps, or other endpoints. The new capabilities aim to make it easier and more secure for developers to connect event-driven programming with outside code, data, and systems.

This latest version of the commercial extension automatically configures and secures external endpoints so that developers don’t have to do so manually. The IBM product has been expanded so that serverless actions can be exposed on the cloud as secure and controlled APIs. The new API Gateway "acts as gatekeeper" between external sources such as uploaded images and corresponding OpenWhisk actions. For example, a corresponding OpenWhisk action for an uploaded image could be the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service classifying (tagging) the image or detecting faces in the image.

Other improvements made to the commercial extension since it was made generally available in late 2016 include an improved serverless Framework, support for additional programming languages including Python 3, and support for a growing list of Container platforms which includes Docker, Mesos, and Kubernetes.

"We've been steadily building OpenWhisk to give developers a truly open serverless platform, which increases their ability to build and use transformative services such as cognitive and IoT," said Jason McGee, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, in a prepared statement. 

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