IBM Moves Watson Conversation from Experimental to GA

IBM announced that its Watson Conversation, a natural language interface within IBM Bluemix, has moved from Experimental to General Availability. Developers interested in including Watson Conversation features within third party apps need to move quickly as IBM will discontinue supporting the Experimental version on August 11, 2016. Current Experimental users will continue to see instances on the Bluemix dashboard until Experimental is removed on August 11th.

Since its initial Experimental launch, users have been training Watson Conversation with a simple Web app in order to build natural conversation flows between end users and apps. Sample use cases include chat bots and virtual agents that answer frequently asked questions from app users. Twitter and Slack have utilized Watson Conversation to instantly interact with users. Others have used Watson Conversation to build understanding of intent with users. For more examples, browse Watson Conversation.

The GA version comes in free and standard plan versions. The free plan supports up to 1000 queries per month, 3 workspaces, 25 intents, and 7 days production data. The standard plan supports unlimited queries at $0.0089 per API call, up to 20 workspaces, 2000 intents, and 30 days production data. Both plans utilize IBM's shared public cloud. Visit IBM's terms for more information.

For developers in need of help to transition from Experimental to GA, visit IBM's instruction guide. IBM looks forward to further engaging with the developer community on improvements and new features with the product now GA. IBM encourages developers to join the conversation within the devWorks forum

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