IBM Open Sources API Microgateway

IBM recently announced that it has open sourced its API Microgateway. The API Microgateway is a programmable API gateway that aims to help developers secure and control both microservices and APIs. It helps developers publish existing services as APIs or create new APIs from existing data sources without the need to write new code.

Echoing the role of API gateways that is commonly understood across the API economy, IBM's Ozar Sheikah commented in an IBM blog post that, "API gateways play an integral role to protect, enrich, and control access to API services." He continued by stating that, "They allow you to architect your application in a way that provides clear separation between your business logic and security logic. In the long run, this will reduce application errors and provide a common reuse layer across your application."

In the blog post announcing the news, Sheikah pointed out two specific features. First, the API policy flow engine provides built-in support for rate limiting and OAuth 2.0. Second, the Microgateway relies on NGNIX for its event-driven architecture, scaling, and reverse-proxy capabilities.

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