IBM to Remove Watson IoT API v1 in Favor of v2

IBM originally launched v2 of its Watson IoT Platform APIs last August. Nearly a year after the v2 release, IBM has announced that it will soon remove v1 of the APIs. v2 includes all the features from v1 plus additional functionality and points of interaction (e.g. device management firmware download, update and reboot; build operations for multi-device registration; update device location; diagnostics; service status; extension services; and last event cache).

For now, IBM has only announced that the removal will take place in the "next couple of weeks". When the exact date is identified, IBM will publish the information on the Watson IoT Platform status page. For those needing assistance with the transition, IBM has produced a v1 to v2 migration guide. IBM encourages developers to migrate apps to v2 as soon as possible.

For apps utilizing Watson IoT client libraries, developers need only download the latest version for the specified language and environment. Those calling the REST API directly need to at least change the URLs for the appropriate functionality. Submit and read additional developer questions in the dW Answers forum for IoT.

Since IBM originally opened the Watson Platform to the developer community, the company has made a number of new additions to its portfolio. APIs such as the Watson Emotion Analysis API, and the Watson Dialog API present compelling features that attract developers to explore the IoT world. Expect IBM to continue releasing new Watson API versions and complementary features.  

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