IBM, Twitter, Weather Channel Partner For API Access to Analytics Service

In conjunction with Twitter and the Weather Channel, IBM recently announced IBM Insight Cloud Services, a series of new data insight services designed in part to "cut through the noise of unstructured data". The new service combines internal business data with external data about people, events, geo-spatial factors, and businesses from sources like Twitter and the Weather Channel to offer greater access to valuable data that can be analyzed and turned into actionable intelligence. Not only is the external data offered through the service powered by third party APIs, IBM offers four APIs through which developers can access Insight Cloud Services.

"Insight Cloud Services help clients create actionable insights from the noisy reality of the world," Joel Cawley, IBM's General Manager of Information and Insights as a Service, commented in a press release. "IBM is applying data science expertise and advanced analytics to exploit external data, find and connect the signals in that data to create new insights, and then deliver these insights embedded in clients' business processes."

Developers can access the new APIs from IBM's Bluemix cloud platform. Developers can pull both historical and forecast weather data from Bluemix. Two additional APIs allow developers to integrate Twitter content into third party apps. IBM enriches Twitter content with sentiment readings provided by Decahose and PowerTrack streams. The combination of IBM's massive computing ability with the real-time data monsoons provided by third parties like Twitter and the Weather Channel brings a new level of potential value in a partnership.

Twitter's Vice President of Data Strategy, Chris Moody, indicated:

"The combination of IBM's deep industry knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities with the powerful, real-time data available from Twitter is changing the way business decisions are made."

IBM estimates that 80% of the world's data remains inaccessible by computers. Further, the 20% available to computers is vastly underutilized. With the continuous growth of data production across the globe, partnerships like the IBM, Twitter, Weather Channel partnership are necessary to more effectively gather and exploit data. Open APIs are key to sharing data to parties that can effectively put data to use.

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