IBM/StrongLoop Announces GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs: OASGraph

IBM, through its StrongLoop team, has announced OASGraph: a GraphQL wrapper for REST APIs. With OASGraph, users can create a GraphQL interface with any OpenAPI Specification (OAS). OASGraph is IBM's solution to help REST API portfolios and GraphQL to coexist:

"[M]any enterprises and the community at large have invested in REST APIs and have a portfolio of APIs, which manage and provide access to many resources stored in variety of services, old and new alike," IBM's Jim Laredo and Erik Wittern commented in a company announcement. "We believe that REST APIs will continue to coexist with GraphQL APIs, and in many cases act as backend to new GraphQL APIs. To that effect we created OASGraph. With only a REST API Specification, be it in OAS or Swagger format, a GraphQL schema is automatically derived."

Other GraphQL wrappers exist, but IBM believes it is moving the technology forward. Specifically pointing to OASGraph's Authentication mechanisms, API sanitation, and nested GraphQL interfaces, IBM believes it has a leg up on the competition. The company is excited for development and feedback from its developer community and encourages feedback through the OASGraph site.

The company has published a Git repository where developers can stay updated and contribute. Check out the docs or the getting started guide to learn more. Finally, check out this video to see how OASGraph works.

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