ICICI Launches API Portal for Open Banking in India

ICICI Bank, a leading private bank in India, has launched an API Portal. The portal includes 250 APIs that allow partners to build innovative banking solutions. The portal is simple for partners to sign up, integrate with, build applications, and test out Sample Code. From this single portal, ICICI is targeting partners within businesses, e-commerce, Fintech, and startup communities.

"ICICI Bank has a legacy of leveraging new technology to bring in path-breaking solutions for the banking industry," Anup Bagchi, ICICI Executive Director, commented in a press release. "The API Banking portal is yet another initiative in this direction. It is envisioned to be the gateway for several prospective companies to tie-up with the Bank in a quick and frictionless manner."

APIs are available from many categories including payments, collections, accounts, deposits, credit cards, loans and more. After developing and testing new applications in a portal-provided Sandbox, partner companies can upgrade to a UAT environment that provides real-time testing and access. ICICI sees the portal as a major step in the Indian banking system moving towards the Open Banking model that is expanding around the globe.

Those interested can learn more at the ICICI developer site. There, developers can check out the Documentation, learn more about ICICI's path from sandbox to UAT to production, and check out available APIs. Signing up is simple, and getting integrated takes days instead of months.

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