ICSOC Seeks Papers for Mashups '08 Workshop

The International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), which takes place in Sydney this December, is hosting its second annual Workshop On Web APIs Services Mashups, or "Mashups '08" for short, and is soliciting papers for publication. The theme of the workshop is challenges mashup developers face, including diverse protocols and platforms, quality of service, and social and economic factors. Organizers from IBM, Google, and German and Swiss universities have called for position papers no more than six pages in length "describing particular challenges or experiences relevant to the scope of the workshop," and research papers no longer than 14 pages on "novel solutions to relevant problems."

The call for papers includes describes several topics of interest:

  • Languages, frameworks, and platforms for the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of services mashups, including dynamic languages and frameworks such as Ruby/RoR and Javascript/Ajax, and solutions such as the Google Web Toolkit and Mashup Editor, Yahoo! Pipes, IBM’s MashupHub, DAMIA, Sharable Code, and Lotus Mashups
  • New approaches to mashup construction: dataflow, spreadsheet and process-oriented mashups, end-user mashup development
  • Novel applications of mashups, e.g., mobile mashups, location-aware mashups, wiki-based mashups
  • Specific services mashup application and technology examples: design, architecture, implementation, usability and user-experience
  • Mashups within and using social software platforms, e.g., OpenSocial or the Facebook platform
  • Mashups within enterprises and across enterprises
  • Quality of services mashups: performance, reliability, security, and other non-functional aspects
  • Analysis of and experience with services mashups (creation, deployment, and usage) from social and economical perspectives; services markets and marketplaces, digital communities, pricing and contracting models

ICSOC's deadline for paper submissions is October 6, and the workshop will take place on the first day of the three-day conference, December 1. The rest of the conference promises to be interesting as well, with keynotes by Dr. Ian Foster of Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago, Amazon VP Peter Vosshall, and Neel Sundaresan, head of eBay Research Labs.

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