ICWE 2015 Rapid Mashup Challenge Seeks Innovative Design Techniques

The International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE) will host its annual event, ICWE 2015, in Rotterdam this June. This year's event will include the Rapid Mashup Challenge, a competition designed to test mashup tools and approaches in a time-sensitive environment. Although participating teams have a little more than a month to prepare for the event, when demonstration time hits; each team will have ten minutes to build a mashup in front of a live audience.

Those interested should submit an application with a description of the proposed mashup tool or approach by May 1st. Accepted applicants will receive a list of Web APIs that will compose the mashups in late May. Teams will have about a month to prepare their demonstration prior to the event. During the live demonstration, the ten minute build will be evaluated by a panel. Post-competition,  participants can publish a paper that explains the solution and technical details behind the tool or approach.

Applications should be limited to four pages and abide by Springer guidelines. Questions about the challenge should be directed to the event organizers.  The organizers are interested in mashup tools and approaches across the board. From programming languages to natural language, and visual modeling tools to domain specific languages, the event expects to see a wide variety of solutions. The jury will grant points based on complexity of the mashup, elegance of construction, and mashup tool features. The public audience will also participate in feedback and evaluation. 

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