Identify Emotions in Written Text With New Twinword Emotion Analysis API

Twinword, a company providing text analysis APIs, has announced the launch of their Emotion Analysis APITrack this API. The API is capable of analyzing a paragraph of text and identifying six different emotions including joy, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise and fear.

The Emotion Analysis API is aimed at helping marketers measure and analyze their customer’s emotions. By understanding a user’s emotions, an app or website can be customized in an effort to improve the User Experience. One potential use of the API would be to include auto-suggested emojis in a messaging app that match the emotion of a user’s message.

"The need for emotion analysis is continuously growing due to the high importance of User Experience," stated Kono Kim, CEO of Twinword. "With the development of our Emotion Analysis API we are excited to offer the opportunity for any business to improve the satisfaction of their customers."

Developers can consume the API directly via the Amazon AWS Marketplace or Mashape API Marketplace. For more information you can visit our listing of Twinword’s APIs.

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