iDrive Releases Open API Platform

While cloud-based storage services abound, iDrive seeks to differentiate its service with its EVS Platform based on an open Library of iDrive APIs.

A key advantage of its API system is the capability of quickly developing secure applications for back-up and storage in the cloud. With data Encryption services built-in and a command-line API, iDrive invites direct comparison with Amazon S3 services.

While it is a popular service, we wanted to do it differently than the competition. We wanted to build a platform, and build IDrive using that platform, says CEO Raghu Kulkarni.

iDrive APIs were just released and are now open for anyone to develop applications. All iDrive accounts are compatible with the EVS library.

iDrive’s recently published app gallery showcases their initial app releases. This includes apps for secure password storage and back-up to support Microsoft and Google documents. iDrive expects the gallery to expand through co-development with both internal and external partners.

"We have some really interesting Apps in the works that extend from gaming to specialized devices," added Kulkarni.

The iDrive EVS library provides 3 types of APIs: Command line utility APIs, REST APIs and a Library to customize, develop, store and access data.

iDrive is currently being used primarily by individual users and small businesses that need secure cloud-based back-up. It sees their target audience in medical imaging, financial services, accounting, legal firms and other individuals and small businesses that require secure back-up that’s cost effective and easy to maintain.

IDrive currently maintains approximately 20 PetaBytes of storage and are now building a sync service using the same set of APIs. iDrive APIs are compatible on windows, linux and Mac and include native APIs that can run on the desktops for enhanced desktop performance. The REST APIs can be used for mobile and browser-based applications.

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