IEX Cloud Provides Developers Access to Curated Financial Data and Services

IEX Group has announced the release of IEX Cloud, a new cloud-based Platform that provides developers with access to curated financial data and various tools that streamline Integration. This new offering will operate as an independent company, separate from IEX Group’s flagship stock exchange.

This platform, which has been in private beta for some time, provides users with the IEX Cloud APITrack this API and custom-built services that are intended to help users build, launch, and scale products. IEX Group hopes that these tools and services will connect developers, students, and financial data creators in a mutually beneficial way. IEX Group Co-Founder and CEO Brad Katsuyama had this to say about the vision:

“With IEX Cloud, we’re expanding to serve everyone from students and researchers to web developers and business leaders and empower them to learn and innovate through affordable access to financial data, including IEX’s exchange market data, which will be redistributed free of charge.”

Curated financial data that will be provided on the platform include stock fundamentals, news, U.S. and international equities, mutual funds, options, and alternative data. The platform will offer tools for building event-driven, automated alerts so that developers can streamline how end users access this data. Providers of financial data will be able to integrate with the platform at no cost. 

IEX Cloud will provide four flexible plans that are designed to meet the needs of most users. There will be a free option with upgrades that can be added starting at $9/month. Developers interested in getting started on the platform should visit For developers that have already been using IEX APIs, the company is encouraging users to check out the platform’s documentation for advice on migration. 

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