Ifeelgoods Launches API For Rewards Fulfillment

Ifeelgoods, a Platform that connects brands with digital rewards, has launched a Rewards Fulfillment API that allows on demand e-gifting. What this means is that brands and apps will be able to automate and streamline the process of rewarding users — a great feature for companies that want to easily create incentives to attract new customers or to keep their current users engaged.


The Ifeelgoods platform has an extensive rewards catalog that allows companies to offer anything from movies, songs and games to apps, newspaper subscriptions and gift cards, and customers are able to receive these rewards directly from a number of integrated apps such as Facebook, MailChimp, Salesforce.com, SurveyMonkey, PayPal and Zendesk. Users are able to issue gifts ranging in value from 99 cents to $2,000, with options that are relevant for all demographics and categories. The company suggests that it is this, along with the fact that the rewards are available in more than 30 countries, that makes it possible for a brand to extend its global reach for its target market.

Here's what the Ifeelgoods API has to offer:

  • Rewards delivery options that enable companies to provide raw gift codes; send emails, including code, to legitimate users; or invite users to a customized gifting
    experience online to redeem the reward.
  • Multiple choices of rewards that allow end users to pick the gift they prefer out of a preselection of gifts.
  • Inventory management that takes the hassle out of dealing with rewards inventory excess or shortage.
  • Security measures that protect users against a large range of fraud scenarios using robust fraud-detection measures.
  • Pay-per-redemption model that allows brands to pay only for rewards that are effectively redeemed by end consumers.

An example of how the API is already being successfully utilized is with mobile gaming company Jump Ramp Games. The company uses the API as a hassle-free means to boost customer engagement with its Lucktastic game, allowing winners to exchange tokens for real rewards within the app.

Of the Ifeelgoods Rewards Fulfillment API, CTO Dali Kilani says:

Ifeelgoods’ rewards fulfillment API unlocks and scales the use of rewards and incentives worldwide by removing all the pain points of e-gifting. We took a developer-centric approach for building this API, enabling partners, such as Jump Ramp Games, to deliver value to their customers quickly while still leveraging the extensive feature set of our platform.

Further information is available on the Ifeelgoods website.

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