IFTTT Expands Platform Offering for Makers

IFTTT is opening its Platform to thousands of individual developers. The new Maker tier will allow anyone who signs up to build and publish Applets by using the tools IFTTT unveiled for its partners in November 2016. Makers can build with the more than 430 service APIs that are currently on the platform.

Since that initial platform launch, IFTTT has grown to have more than 10 million users, added over 100 new partners, and has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of Applets turned on each day. The number of people using IFTTT’s developer tools has grown to over 200,000. The Maker tier enables IFTTT to serve this passionate and creative group that’s looking to do even more with their Applets.

Before this launch, any user could build new Applets that worked with two IFTTT services which the user was connected to for personal use. That’s still possible today, but Makers who sign up for the new free tier will also be able to:

  • Publish their Applets for other users to turn on. Makers will have a public profilepage where they can showcase their creations.
  • Build Applets that work with any service on IFTTT. For example, a Maker would not have to have a connected BMW in order to create an Applet that works with the BMW service.
  • Build Applets with multiple actions. Since November, IFTTT’s partners have been able to build and publish Applets that trigger multiple actions (e.g. “if this, then that, and that, and that.”). Now, Makers will have the same capability.

IFTTT is also unveiling a brand new Applet tool: filters. Makers and partners can now build Applets that work with JavaScript filter code. This opens up an entire new set of use cases, from conditionals to randomization.

Onboarding Makers is a natural extension of the work IFTTT has invested in its platform since its launch. While the ability to integrate an API and build out endpoints into custom triggers and actions is still reserved for IFTTT partners, IFTTT sees the Maker tier as a way to nurture and encourage up-and-coming developers.

“Over 200,000 Makers already use IFTTT to play, iterate, and test. Giving them access to the tools our partners have is a no-brainer — it’s a win for both users and partners. We’re excited to see what they create and in the future, we expect to see new services originating from Makers as well.” - Linden Tibbets, IFTTT co-founder and CEO

Now that the Maker tier has official launched, partners and users will begin to see, and be able to turn on, new Applets by Makers on ifttt.com and in the IFTTT app. Soon, partners will be able to feature Applets built by Makers on their service pages.

The platform is actively evolving — IFTTT is working on new ways for partners and Makers to collaborate, share feedback and improve their Applets. New capabilities will be added throughout 2017.

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