IG Opens API with IG Labs Initiative

IG, a world leader in CFD, financial spread betting, and forex, has opened up its web API to the public through the IG Labs initiative. Access to the API will allow developers to integrate IG’s internal functions with existing systems or build trading applications.


Ivan Gowan, head of IG IT Development, commented:

Launching IG Labs and releasing our web trading API is a development which promises to yield commercially sound projects with future partners, while also giving our clients - be they institutions, brokers or individual traders - more control over the way they trade.

IG “road tested” the public facing API at an internal hackathon. The IG IT team was set free to build with the API as they pleased. The team came up with multiple apps. Examples include an app that allows users to balance positions across accounts, and live backgrounds (e.g. market data, historical sentiment, etc.) that interact with the API. With the API moving into the hands of the broader public, developers will have the ability to trade a large range of assets (i.e. forex, commodities, binaries, and more).

The Web API is RESTful and returns calls in a JSON data format. Order types include immediate order, resting order, market order, and limit fill or kill orders. To learn more, visit the get started page within IG Labs.       

Financial trading institutions are no longer strangers to the developer world and the peculiar aspects that come with developers (e.g. hackathons, APIs, etc.). IG as a world leader in some trading fields should see significant experimentation with their web API. Expect to see some new apps and creative new use of IG resources.

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