Igloo Launches Digital Workplace Developer Partner Program

Igloo, digital workplace solution provider, launched its new Developer Partner Program. The program includes access to the Igloo SDK. The SDK includes tools (custom themes, widgets, etc.), APIs, and a developer knowledgeable. The program is open to anyone interested, which includes both partners looking for custom integrations, and customers tailoring service to their individual needs.

"We're investing in our Developer Partner Program because we see the benefit of an integrated digital workplace ecosystem - one where employees can work in any app they choose while still retaining that single digital destination where they go each day," Igloo founder and CEO, Dan Latendre, commented in a press release. "This is why we're providing open access to our APIs and our development Framework, as well as full developer support program and community."

The Igloo developer framework delivers the tools necessary to utilize, build upon, or integrate with Igloo's digital workplace. The framework includes Integration capability through widgets and web apps, new web app building with Igloo's HTML content, custom CSS themes, and automation through existing (e.g. Zapier, Built.io, etc.), or user-built solutions. For specific tools, including the SDK and APIs, visit the developer site.

Igloo announced the launch this week at its ICE '17 event in Nashville. Household names already using the Igloo SDK include Microsoft, Box, Slack, Google, and many more. Those interested in joining can sign up for a free account here.

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