IKANOW Launches Big Data Developer API

IKANOW, open source Big Data Platform provider, has released a Developer API. Much in line with the company's broader mission and message, the goal of the API showcases focus and simplicity: "[M]ake it simple for developers to gather, harvest and enrich a diverse array of structured and unstructured datasources and build compelling data driven applications." IKANOW built the Developer API on its Infinit.e platform (i.e. its flagship analytics product). Craig Vitter, IKANOW Product Evangelist, commented:

"The Infinit.e platform was built to make harvesting and analyzing massive, multi-layered datasets feasible and affordable.... Our free API makes it even easier for organizations to explore the possibilities of the Infinit.e platform without having to stand up additional infrastructure."

Big data projects have expanded from government intelligence and academic research projects into the enterprise. Although open source technologies (e.g. Hadoop) have lowered some costs to capitalize on big data benefits, companies often need dedicated infrastructure to drive the platform. IKANOW offers a suite of access methods to its platform from onsite software, hosted, and now a free API. Accordingly, IKANOW might bring big data capabilities further down the food chain.

The Developer API uses REST protocol and responds in a JSON data format. Developers interact with each other by creating and saving Source Documents. Apps that utilize the API can then harvest, enrich, and store the Source Documents. Those interested can register for an API Key at the developer site.

In data lies power. However, uncovering the rich meaning hiding in the vast amounts of data the world currently creates and collects often poses a challenging and expensive problem. IKANOW believes in open source and the democratizing spirit that drives its existence. Accordingly, its Developer API brings big data analytical knowledge and power to those with modest resources.

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