IKIN Releases Android SDK for Holographic Reality

IKIN, a provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced the release of its RYZ holographic reality SDK for Android in Unity Technologies' real-time 3D development Platform. IKIN engaged with Unity Professional Services to collaborate on the development and certification of the SDK for release.

The Android SDK provides designers with tools to incorporate holograms and interactive volumetric content in new and existing games and applications for Android devices. IKIN delivers state-of-the-art holographic technology for business and consumer use through its RYZ product line - which is comprised of the RYZ mobile app, RYZ Accessory, and RYZ Framework. SDKs and APIs provided through the RYZ Framework enable the creation of full solid-state optical 3D holographic imagery within many mobile apps.

"Developers working on the Unity platform can simply drag the IKIN SDK Library onto the design desktop and begin adding holograms and interactive volumetric elements to their products in the same manner they already employ with other libraries," said Taylor Scott, IKIN Chief Technology Officer and Founder. "Complementing our iOS SDK released early this year, the Android SDK provides new dimensional options that, when utilized with IKIN's RYZ Accessory, allow every developer and user to experience interactive 3D holographic images projected in open space above the phone."

IKIN's XR SDK library for Unity facilitates the deployment of multidimensional, volumetric rendering for Android devices through seamless Integration, which shortens learning curves and sparks innovation. Capabilities enabled by IKIN include interactive motion between holographic and standard screen environments, empowering new and different gameplay options.

"App designers are at the heart of innovation and are always looking for new and exciting tools and technologies that will give their products a boost ahead of the competition," continued Scott. "Holograms have been the stuff of dreams for many years, and we are extremely proud to enable developers to convert fantasy into reality. IKIN not only gives them the tools to integrate holograms, it also provides the vehicles through which users will enjoy them."

Planned for field trials in early 2021, the RYZ Accessory, compatible with current Android devices, and the RYZ mobile app put holographic capabilities into users' hands. Its advanced holographic technology moves beyond existing AR and VR approaches by enabling the display and touch manipulation of holograms in ambient light without the use of goggles or other specialized equipment.

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