iLike Launches API for Music Playlists

iLike, Facebook's favorite music service, has officially launched their new API. TechCrunch reports that iLike is partnering with Google, TypePad, Flixster, Connected Weddings, and others, in the launch. The music itself is provided by Rhapsody.

This new API will enable developers to easily add music to web sites and Facebook applications. The key feature of the API is its simplicity. Songs and fully functional playlists can be inserted into web pages using basic HTML and JavaScript. At the moment there are not a lot of details on the new developer program available, but we'll be adding more to our iLike API profile as they are released.

You can see example iLike API integrations created by iLike, Mike Arrington and CNET's Caroline McCarthy to get a sense of how the playlists Function. And as Caroline notes, there's a social element to the lists:

There's an interesting twist to iLike's Platform: it's specifically focused on making iLike playlists available and openly collaborative... the forthcoming Connected Weddings application on Facebook, for example, will let wedding guests add to a suggested song playlist

To get started, visit the iLike Developer Signup page to register for an iLike developer account.

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