ImageShack's Yfrog Social Takes On The Big Guns

Some may remember yfrog as the photo sharing service previously associated with Twitter. However, since Twitter's launch of it's own internal photo sharing service last year, Yfrog has been left worse for wear. Despite the effects of this, Jack Levin (ImageShack founder) has not accepted defeat and has bravely entered the social networking arena to meet the giants face to face.

ImageShack has released yfrog Social; a full service social networking Platform for web and mobile. It seems to be a combination of the best of the bunch, with a look and feel that resembles Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and the high resolution photo sharing qualities of ImageShack or Flickr. What makes it stand out from the crowd? Its ad-free freemium paid business model and completely open yfrog API.

This may seem like an extremely ambitious and perhaps unrealistic endeavour, as many would say there isn't room for a newcomer on the already cramped social media scene. Levin does not seem to be swayed, however, as he made clear in an interview on Tech Crunch TV saying, "We think there's definitely space to do things, not just twice as good or three times as good, but to be ten times better in UI, in User Experience...that's why this product now exists."

Test out yfrog Social for yourself if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

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