Imeem Opens Music-centric Social API

Imeem, the third largest social network in the US, has just opened their "imeem Media Platform" for third party developers. Besides having access to Imeem's 24 million users, the thing that will likely attract developers to this Platform is their video, photo and, most importantly, music content. This is because Imeem has licensed millions of songs from the major music labels and these will be directly available via the platform. The API is Flex and ActionScript3-based (for more more technical details check our Imeem API profile).

The feature for this set of web services and client libraries includes:

  • Access media on imeem, including music, videos, and photos
  • Access to imeem’s social graph, including users, friends, and associated profile data
  • Fully customize a skinless imeem media player
  • Upload music, videos, and photos and modify associated metadata
  • Search imeem’s media content by keyword, artist, title, or album
  • Access imeem’s most frequently played music and videos and recommended content
  • Create, edit, and manage new playlists or access millions of music, video, and photo playlists created by imeem users

Other notable details of the launch:

  • The platform itself exposes the underlying infrastructure for hosting, transcoding and delivering media.
  • As has become increasingly common lately, the platform is initially available in a Sandbox mode that's available to developers only, not the general public.
  • OpenSocial compatibility is not part of this launch and is scheduled for the coming months.
  • Imeem's announcement includes suggestions of possible sample apps ranging from recommendation engines to customer players (ala Winamp, an Imeem inspiration) to quizzes.

As we've seen with 142 web music mashups and 25+ music APIs, there's no shortage of developer interest in music applications, and combining this will Imeem's social network could prove to be a winning combination.

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