Imprivata Launches API for Healthcare Focused Single Sign-On

Imprivata has launched an API for its OneSign single sign-on product: the OneSign ProveID API. OneSign offers a specialized single sign-on solution custom tailored to the healthcare industry. The new API allows developers in the healthcare industry to deliver electronic health records in a virtual desktop environment.

Imprivata’s Chief Technology Officer, David Ting, commented:

"Strong Authentication allows health care organizations to optimize their virtual desktop environments by allowing clinicians to quickly and seamlessly access the information they need, wherever they need it to deliver the highest-quality patient care possible.”

As a leading healthcare IT company, Imprivata integrates with more EMR vendors than any other provider. HP and Igel Technology represent two of the early adopters of the new API. Both companies are pitching thin clients towards the healthcare industry and will integrate with OneSign to ensure streamlined access to medical records while remaining HIPPA compliant.

For Documentation and more details on the API, apply to participate in Imprivata’s developer program. The API enables software and hardware vendors to integrate solid authentication into any application or device. Authentication modalities include proximity cards, biometric fingerprinting, passwords, USBs, and more.

Healthcare costs are soaring and have caused havoc around the globe. Virtualization can play a major role in streamlining processes and removing cost from the system. However, to remain compliant with HIPPA standards and other privacy regulations, a healthcare-centric authentication strategy is required. OneSign has proven itself as one of the strongest, and its API broadens OneSign’s reach to new applications and devices.

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