Include Video Screening in Recruiting Platforms with Wowzer API

Wowzer, video screening/interviewing provider, announced the public release of the first Wowzer API.  Wowzer believes its video screening Platform (as an alternative to phone screening) reduces candidate screening time by 75%. Recruiters and employers can evaluate and respond to applicants in a time and manner most beneficial to their organization. Extending the Wowzer platform via API allows recruiters to integrate the Wowzer features into existing hiring processes. Wowzer co-founder and CTO, Jaime Romero, explained:

"[O]ur API allows organizations to integrate Wowzer into their unique recruiting programs rather than forcing their teams to adapt to our process."

Although Wowzer remains a young company, its client list includes some of the largest, most well known businesses across many industries. From Intel and Deloitte to Adidas and Walmart, companies of various sizes have moved beyond traditional phone screening and quickened the hiring process with Wowzer. Wowzer co-founder and Vice President of Business Development, Imo Udom, believes flexibility largely attributed to its quick success and an API strategy moving forward should only expand its reach. Udom explained:

"Leading employers choose Wowzer for the flexibility of our platform, from extensive brand customization to rating mechanisms tailored to each team's evaluation criteria. Developing a public API seemed like the next logical step in expanding our initial product offering."

Public Documentation is not currently available for the new API. However, those interested can visit the API blog post and request more information. Although the Wowzer platform has provided tremendous value as a standalone product, the Wowzer team suggests intriguing integrations that could further streamline the hiring process. For example, organizations could invite candidates to a video interview directly from a recruitment platform. Video responses could be housed in a unified database or platform for seamless updating and easy access. Invite, review, and evaluate candidates from a single platform.

The list of potential integrations with the Wowzer API extend as far as Google recruiter's mind can think (and further). Not only does video screening save time (which saves money), it enables a more realistic, personal touch to the recruitment process. As one happy Wowzer customer proclaimed: "[Wowzer]'re on to something big!"

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