Indix Releases Alternative to Google Shopping API

The Indix API released today makes product information available in machine-readable format from the "world's most comprehensive product intelligence Platform", Indix. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Shalendra Chhabra, Director of Marketing, on the eve of the API release.

Indix provides a Big Data and SaaS tool to support brands and retailers to access product data including descriptions, images, and almost-realtime pricing information (product pricing data is updated on at least a 24 hour cycle). Indix is striving to be the most comprehensive product catalog in the world, and does its own data collation so that end customers can focus on analyzing and visualizing product information to help make better business decisions. Now, a month after the release of the web platform, Indix is making the catalog datasets formally available to developers via the Indix API.

The potential for the API is huge in the post-Google Shopping environment, according to Shalendra Chhabra, Director of Marketing at Indix. "Google has closed their Shopping API and are not working on their product search tools, as far as we can tell," Chhabra said. "With mobile, the single channel is becoming the multi-channel," Chhabra told ProgrammableWeb. "Every app engagement is an opportunity to sell. Our APIs can help third-party providers build product marketing and sales opportunities into any of their mobile products and services."

While online retailers are encouraged to continue making use of the web app toolset, Chhabra sees the API as being of greatest benefit to developers working with brands or bigger retailers who want to incorporate their product catalog into internal planning oversight. "The API can be used with bigger retailers, big online brands, and medium-sized retailers as internal tools for product assortment and price optimization," Chhabra said. The API uses a RESTful interface and has 6 endpoints: brand, store, category, product search, single product details, and product price history.

To get started, developers must sign up for access (which is granted on a case-by-case basis) to log in to the 3scale-managed Developer Portal. Indix's main focus is on connecting with third party app developers interested in building product rich apps for brands, retailers or consumers. Developers are able to make 10,000 calls to the API per month for free, and as the company's effort is on building a strong ecosystem, Chhabra is adamant that all registered developers will gain access to support and feedback when using the API.

With the growth in API aggregation amongst developers designing mobile and web services, Chhabra believes the new Indix API will be a good fit. "We don't do prediction analysis or recommendation engines like SwiftIQ, but if you want to integrate product description, price, brand, category and store information with a prediction or another type of service, you can use our API to bundle that," Chhabra said.

Registrations are open on the Indix API developer page.

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