Infermedica API Provides Healthcare Diagnostic Insights

The quicker healthcare professionals and patients can arrive at a correct diagnosis, the better. This is what has motivated Infermedica to build an intelligent diagnostic engine that can power third-party applications. The Infermedica API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to create new, or enrich existing, healthcare products and services.

Infermedica draws its information from an extensive medical knowledge base that is curated by its own board of medical experts. The collected data (which includes doctor findings) is then analyzed via Machine Learning in order for the process to become more enriched, and ultimately, more accurate. Third-party apps and services connect to Infermedica via the API, allowing them to send anonymized patient health data for diagnostic analysis. Once the engine has analyzed the data, it returns an assessment of all possible conditions, as well as suggesting things like relevant symptoms to verify and cost-efficient lab tests to order.

The system also includes a complete authoring tool that allows users to customize and add to the medical content and fine-tune it for a specific situation. With regard to how reliable the service is, the company has already seen the technology successfully implemented in commercial products including HealthLoop, Healthform and Symptomate.

Infermedica provides live and interactive documentation that allows developers to experiment with and get to know the Infermedica API. Further information and API documentation are available on the website.

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