Infinigon Launches API for Access to ECHO Platform

Infinigon Group, real-time social analytics solution provider, has launched an API for access to its ECHO Platform. ECHO constitutes a real-time analytics tool that captures market data from Tweets and provides actionable data to traders. The platform processes millions of Tweets each day, and the new API provides programmatic access to the data. 

“There is a new fundamental and intriguing opportunity in intelligent, automated trading emerging from Social Media....As financial technologists, our team has decades of combined experience building cutting edge trading systems. Through exceptionally creative programming efforts employing Deep Learning techniques and utilizing our proprietary algorithms, we have brought an innovative way for the trading community to take full advantage of the massive data entrenched across the world of Social Media”  said Alicia Belzberg, Chief Executive and Founder of Infinigon.


Infinigon's founders opened its doors in 2011 after building impressive resumes in the hi-tech trading sector. Since 2011, the Infinigon team has brought a number of API offerings to the financial trading market (e.g. Timeline API, Snapshot API, Enriched Tweet API, and Alert API). The latest API aims to offer precursor data prior to actual price moves for a competitive edge. The ECHO engine identifies critical market changes that traders can utilize.

The API allows firms to integrate ECHO with third party systems and workflows. With the data pulled from ECHO, firms can arbitrage information, evaluate news impact, analyze information credibility, evaluate topics and more. To inquire further into the API, contact the team through the API site.

As analytics and Big Data continue to progress, a new form of financial trading has arisen. Infinigon manages to leverage market sentiment and other factors through mining social media sources. The automated and real-time capabilities of ECHO provide such analysis before market prices actually move. Infinigon could lead to an entirely new trading strategy. 

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