InfoChimps Bundles Many Location Sources in One API

Data marketplace InfoChimps continues its march to API-ify its most useful, sliceable datasets. The latest is a bundle it calls the InfoChimps Geo APIs and it makes available some extremely interesting location data from both public and private sources. The company has created a location data schema to unify sources, which include several place databases, Wikipedia articles and Zillow neighborhood boundaries.

Along with accessing the data sources directly, InfoChimps lets you combine them. For example, the Foursquare API lets you search Foursquare venues. InfoChimps lets you find Wikipedia pages near a particular Foursquare venue, for example. It also offers bounding box searching and filtering options that Foursquare doesn't make available via its API.

InfoChimps can do this because the Geo APIs are not merely a wrapper to other APIs. InfoChimps has all the data on its servers, so it can merge and query directly. This is especially useful when dealing with huge, unwieldy databases like the American Community Survey.

InfoChimps has a single tiered pricing plan for accessing all its APIs, including the InfoChimps Twitter API and InfoChimps Datasets API. The free plan includes 100,000 API calls per month and the first paid tier is $20 for 500,000 calls. However, some APIs are premium and have additional fees beyond the tiered plan, or require at least the $20 plan to access.

Previously we wrote about InfoChimps' four Twitter mashups as one API and the three apps built in one weekend using it. We also covered InfoChimps' fun UFO sightings dataset.

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