Infotech Launches API for its E-Ticketing Services

Infotech, a provider of infrastructure construction software solutions, today launched a user-requested Application Programming Interface ( API) for its document workflow service Doc Express that promotes Integration with other key software solutions. The integration provides a seamless connection between electronic tickets and the Doc Express document management system.

“COVID-19 has really accelerated the need to collect materials delivery tickets electronically to best prioritize safety and provide a realistic workflow that follows social distancing guidelines,” Chad Schafer said, Infotech Associate Vice President of Business Development & Sales. “This integration offers a needed solution for owners to ensure safety and efficiency for their contractors while also gaining reliable, electronic data to move projects forward.”

While the new integration has critical benefits for e-Ticketing transfers, integrating with Doc Express also provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlined document workflow with easy-to-use approval process
  • Cost savings as time to final contract is significantly reduced with all contract documents in one place
  • Easy audit capabilities with search and filter to find your documents quickly
  • Reliable finance and accounting data with proof of delivery for faster payment generation
  • Automatic notifications to stay up-to-date on the status of contracts, documents and action items

With Doc Express’ secure and robust digital filing cabinet, the API offers a reduced risk of data loss or misplaced data that may eventually be needed for legal issues or audits. In addition, integration with Doc Express helps agencies prevent a series of minor project delays due to administrative tasks such as reviewing, approving and signing contract documents.

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