The Infradox API: Photos & Videos in the Right Place at the Right Time

Infradox serves up your archive of photo and video on a high volume basis. The Infradox API is actually two APIs: a "Partner API" and a "Back Office API." The partner API is, not surprisingly, for your partners so that they can connect live with your Infradox database. Responses are in XML.

As Infradox points out, there's a lot you can do and do quickly,

"The Infradox partner API offers a number of functions among which full text search at blazing speeds, access to standardized meta data, access to web versions of your files and high res downloads. Accessing the API requires unique access keys. Such keys are configured on your server and linked to user accounts in your database. This allows you to specify specific permissions and you can limit access to certain files that are available in certain territories only. You can further more set up a filtering system to exclude certain suppliers and so on."

The current version 12 is efficient, cutting out steps like sending photos to other websites to make them available for downloads--high res downloads go right through the API. PictureMaxx and StockMediaServer are among a growing number of firms to configure their systems to work with the Partner API.

Turning to the Backoffice API gives you the ability to retrieve data from your live database. As a web-based server it conforms to open industry standards and provides XML responses. Among the retrieval functions are data for users, orders, suppliers, galleries, among many others.

Like so many businesses, they have a testimonials page. What stands out is that many point out they have been happily partnering with Infradox for 6, 7, even 12 years, suggesting they have met a standard that words alone can't convey.

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