ING Starts Open Banking API Initiative in France

ING recently announced the release of three new open banking APIs in France. The APIs arrive as PSD2 begins to take hold in Europe. The three APIs include the Account Information Services API, Payment Initiation Services API, and Confirmation Availability of Funds API. With customer consent, third party apps and services can easily gain access to ING banking information and services through Integration with these APIs.

"The decision to start in France was based on commercial as well as technical considerations," Evelien Witlox, ING Global Tribe Lead Payments, commented in a press release. "By 14 September 2019, customers in all 17 ING countries that fall under PSD2 will benefit from this open access to new and more innovative ways to manage their money online."

The Account Information API provides permitted parties to securely access all European ING online accessible payment accounts. Data accessible includes account information (account number, account ID, account name, account currency), balance information (balance account, balance currency, balance type, balance timestamp), and transaction information (transaction amount, transaction status, balance timestamps, etc.). For more information, visit the API docs.

The Payment Initiation API allows developers to create payment initiation applications. Requests available include payment variants (domestic credit transfer, international credit transfer, etc.), payment parameters (end-to-end identification, instructed amount, creditor account, creditor name, etc.), and status (received, pending, technical validation, settlement in progress, etc.). To learn more, visit the API docs.

The Confirmation Availability of Funds API allows payment service providers to immediately confirm whether an amount necessary for payment is available from the payer account. Data checks available through this API include accounts (account number, account ID, account name, account currency) and availability (funds check, date/time of check). For more information, check out the API docs. In addition to ING's already published APIs, a Payment Request API and Virtual Ledger Accounts API are in the works.

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