InnovaChallenge MX 2014 Announces Winners

In 2013, in a bold and unorthodox move, BBVA bank opened access to a massive collection of anonymized transaction data from its clients in Spain with the InnovaChallenge datathon. After its resounding success, BBVA repeated the experience in 2014 with InnovaChallenge MX, this time incorporating data from Mexico instead of Spain. The winners of the 2014 editions have just been announced.

In this last edition, 378 developers from 36 countries participated. The panel finally judged more than 50 new proposals on how to make use of BBVA’s data. As in past editions, competitors have been encouraged to use a variety of Big Data sources and been given freedom to use any tools they like, as long as they are compatible with BBVA's data API.

Relocation Assistant, a system that enables users to pick the best neighborhood to live in, and Pear Campaigns, a solution to create geomarketing campaigns, are the winning applications in the social and business categories, respectively.

The two apps developed in Spain competed with 53 other apps in the datathon, which used BBVA Bancomer card transaction data from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico.

To learn more about all of the apps that won prizes at the InnovaChallenge MX, you can visit The two categories, social apps and enterprise apps, come with three prizes of 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 euros for first, second and third place; there were also five honorable mention prizes of 1,000 euros.

Winners in the Apps for Citizens Category

Relocation Assistant, developed by Luca Chiarandini (Spain), came in first for the citizen app with a solution that enables users to pick the best neighborhood to live in. This app allows people to compare new neighborhoods with their current locations and add search criteria such as schools nearby and nightlife. The app is already operating in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and Mexico (Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey).

Socio, created by Ruben Sandoval (Mexico), won second prize with a crowdsourcing app that helps users find financing and partners with common interests in surrounding areas.

Third place was won by Optim, submitted by Delta Hat SL (Spain), which allows users to choose the best places to spend leisure time according to their tastes and desires at any given moment.

Winners in the Business App Category

Pear Campaigns from Jordi Nin Guerrero and his team (Spain) came in first in the best business app category with a solution that allows inexperienced users to design effective geographic marketing strategies.

Flux MX, developed by Daniel Juliá Lundgren (Spain), won the second-place prize with an app that provides users with an interactive view of transaction flows between different postal codes of a city.

Third place was won by AppData, a tool created by Carlos Hugo Gonzalez Castell (Mexico) that helps business owners make decisions about opening new businesses or expanding their current ones.

Honorable Mentions

The five honorable mentions went to My Spot Please (Guillermo Garcia Juanes, Spain), which recommends neighborhoods according to the user’s lifestyle; Enterprising (Alejandro Hernandez Matias, Spain), which allows users to estimate how a business’s sales will do on any given day; Binmx (David Martin-Corral Calvo, Spain), which analyzes the factors that most affect a store’s business performance; Predictor (Andres Ferraro, Uruguay), which predicts sales based on weather information; and BBVA Physics Data Lab (Rafael Luque Leiva, Spain), an app that allows users to view data represented by objects that are tangible and can be manipulated.

These contests are an attempt to find the most creative approaches to transforming BBVA data into value, but the plan doesn't stop there. In 2015, BBVA will open additional data and services outside of these competitions. The vault will be open for any developer to see and experiment.

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