Innovative, Entertaining and Useful Mashups that Use the Foursquare API

Foursquare is an application that lets users save and share information about the places they visit. The app also provides personalized recommendations and deals based on user preferences and tastes. The Foursquare API provides developers access to all Foursquare mobile applications data which can be integrated into websites, mobile and other third-party applications. This post features a few innovative, entertaining and useful mashups that use the Foursquare API.

Fourpocalypse Now

Using the Foursquare API and Google Maps API, this app helps users find "foursquare apocalypses" happening at locations specified by the user. The Fourpocalypse Now site defines foursquare apocalypses as "the idea of a something-pocalypse, that is, a catastrophically popular event local to a particular area that thousands of people check-in to."

Fourpocalypse Now

ProgrammableWeb is based in Seattle, Washington.

Geosay - Super Local Information

Geosay uses the APIs of Foursquare, Twitter, Google Maps, Wikipedia and MaxMind GeoIP. Users of the Geosay app can find out what others are saying on social media platforms based on specific locations. The results are listed in order by distance, so the results from the closest distances are listed first.


Many conversations going on in Seattle, Washington.


The GoCrowdless app uses the Foursquare API and the Google Maps API. Users of the GoCrowdless app can find out the least crowded and most crowded times for 20 of the most popular destinations in New York City.

The site currently features a very nice "holiday edition" that includes crowd conditions for Radio City: Christmas Spectacular, Holiday Shopping in Union Square, Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, The Grand Central Holiday Fair and more.

If you live in or plan on visiting New York City, this is a nice app to use when planning your trip itinerary.


GoCrowdless "Holiday Edition"


The Sightsmap app uses the APIs of Foursquare, Google Maps and Panoramio. Users of the Sightsmap app can see hotspots for popular places for sightseeing around the world.

The site includes photos, links to information about specific locations on Google Search, Wikipedia and Wikitravel. Map settings can be turned on and off, you can zoom the map in /out, and pan the map up / down to display the pop up tool tips and other elements on the map in their entirety.


Chicago is one of the top 5 sightseeing spots in the world.

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