Insert Clinical Info/Apps into Medical Records with drchrono Clinical IFrame API

drchrono, a healthcare EHR and EMR Platform provider, has released the drchrono Clinical IFrame API (beta), a new API that allows clinical information and approved applications to be inserted into medical records. The drchrono Clinical IFrame APITrack this API is another example of how APIs will transform the healthcare industry as it provides new EHR capabilities that allow doctors to greatly improve their workflow, especially when it comes to complicated patient cases.

The Clinical IFrame API allows approved applications like the Box DICOM viewer to be placed into medical records. The API also allows messages to be sent to drchrono from another application. - Image Credit: drchrono.

In the past, companies had to build applications outside of EHRs and many healthcare EHR vendors didn’t allow data to be imported into or exported out of an EHR; clinical information from other healthcare applications could not be displayed inside a medical record. There are still quite a few EHR vendors that are reluctant to allow clinical data and healthcare applications to be integrated with their EHRs. However, there are now EHR and EMR platforms like drchrono that provide health information sharing capabilities and allow for interoperability between healthcare applications.

The new drchrono Clinical IFrame API allows clinical data from approved applications, like the Box DICOM viewer, to be placed into medical records. This is a very significant advancement in EHR technology as it allows doctors to utilize note taking tools and other useful applications from within drchrono. This helps doctors greatly improve their workflow, especially with complicated patient cases.

AgileMD is the first drchrono partner to use the Clinical IFrame API. Borna Safabakhsh, co-founder and CEO of AgileMD, said that "the EHR Integration of AgileMD into drchrono is the first of a new generation of API integrations -- integrations enabled by a clinical data API that go beyond administrative and operational enhancements, and provide doctors and nurses contextual access to databases and analytics that actively help them in delivering efficient high-quality clinical care."

Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of drchrono, said that "drchrono now has over 85,000 physicians, 5.5. Million patients, 2.25 million patients scheduled per quarter and over 1.2 billion in medical billing processed per year now. Our vision is to allow amazing developers to build with us, making the doctor-patient experience better. Physicians can now enable features from other sources, giving the doctor new enhancements. AgileMD is a great example of this; they are leveraging our clinical iFrame API, taking complicated medical workflows and making the experience simpler with only a few clicks."

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