Instagram Adds Content Publishing API to Graph API Platform

InstagramTrack this API has launched a new API Endpoint that allows developers to integrate publishing functionality within third-party applications. The new Instagram Content Publishing API is intended to meet the demand of businesses that are increasingly working with a publishing cadence that is finely orchestrated. 

Instagram heard from its partners that business on Instagram has evolved and now requires some more robust features for publishing. The company noted that:

“We've heard from businesses that they don't publish content to Instagram spontaneously, but rather plan their posts ahead of time to best connect with their audiences. Some businesses also plan their posts across distributed teams with complex approval processes.”

By enabling content publishing via API, Instagram intends to meet this demand by enabling finer control of these efforts programmatically. The new API will allow businesses to schedule up to 25 API-published posts every 24 hours. To get started using this new feature developers will need to apply via the App Review process and display that their intended use falls within Facebook’s developer policies

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