Instagram Brings Hashtag Search to Graph API, With Restrictions

In support of the upcoming deprecation of Hashtag Search via the Instagram Platform API, the company announced the release of similar functionality for the Instagram Graph APITrack this API. Although the new Graph API feature will still provide businesses the same basic functionality, Instagram is imposing limitations that will change the way developers interact with the platform.

Facebook first announced the deprecation of the Instagram Platform API back in January of this year. The timeline originally provided for a two year runway, with three phases staggered out to 2020. The first phase of deprecation was moved forward unexpectedly as a result of Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica Crisis. The second phase, which affects hashtag search functionality, has stayed true to the original timeline, with December 11th as the date for decommissioning.

With the inclusion of hashtag search functionality in the Instagram Graph API, the company noted that businesses will still be able to, “discover content, measure the reach of their marketing campaigns, and understand public sentiment around their brand.” However, the search capabilities do come with restrictions. Businesses will be limited to 30 unique hashtag queries per week, and the amount of content per request will be limited to 50. Additionally, in a nod toward improved user security, searches will no longer return the “username” field.

Additional Platform API functionality that is scheduled for deprecation on December 11th includes access to commenting and public content. All that will remain of the API until 2020 is the instagram_basic permission. This more or less only allows for retrieval of information about the owner of the access token. 

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