Instagram Cuts API Access to Popular New iOS App Being

Being, an iOS app that allows users to browser Instagram as someone else, has had its access to the Instagram API cut off.

In the first week following its launch, Being reached the Best New Apps section of the App Store's front page and was used to view more than 500,000 Instagram feeds.

But Being's rise was short-lived. On February 26, the app's Twitter account posted a tweet indicating "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. We hope to be back up and running soon." Later the same day, a message on the Twitter account stated that Instagram had blocked its API access, effectively putting the app out of action.

It's not clear that Being will be able to return. Late last year, Instagram killed its feed API in a move that many believed was motivated by the company's desire to control the user experience so that it could maximize its burgenoning ad business. Similar motivations had led Twitter to become more restrictive with its API, which alienated developers it is now trying to win back.

A Being spokesperson told ProgrammableWeb that it had no updates to share about the app.

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