Instagram Launches New API Features and Upgrades to Facebook Graph API

Today, Instagram announced new features and a major upgrade to the Instagram Platform API. The new features apply to comment functionality and the API is upgrading to Facebook's Graph API. The goal of the new features and the upgrade is to help API partners to better manage their organic presence.

The new features allow users to moderate comments via the API. Comments can now be hidden, or toggled on and off. The new comment functionality furthers Instagram's previous comment-centric additions that ensured users that Instagram is a safe place for self-expression.

Regarding the upgrade, partners can now track valuable metrics related to their content through the API. Prior to the upgrade, API partners had been viewing metrics within the insights Function of the Instagram app. API access will allow businesses to keep track of organic content performance from third party tools. For more details, check out the API docs.

To use the new features, partners will need an active business profile. To enable third party tools to access the features, partners must use a Facebook Login when granting such permission. The existing API tools will continue to be available, but new features are not included. The new Instagram Platform API is available to all Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners. Instagram announced that the API will be available to all developers "in the coming months."

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