Instagram Users Finally Gain Control Over Third-Party App Access

Instagram has announced an upcoming feature that will provide users with a simple way to manage which third-party applications have access to their personal data. The new in-app feature is expected to roll-out over the next six months and will increase visibility into how user data is being shared.

Instagram users often provide their account information to third-party applications providing functionality such as photo printing, collage making, and dating services. This new tool will provide users with a centralized view of all the applications that have access to their profile data, and allow them to modify permissions or completely revoke them if necessary. 

ProgrammableWeb recently reported that Facebook (Instagram's parent company) plans to deprecate the legacy Instagram API in favor of the Facebook Graph APITrack this API. As part of this previous reporting, we noted that the company has made several changes to how the Graph API will share Instagram user data. This new third-party access control feature is just one new feature included in the API, which may explain the prolonged roll out time.

Instagram is one of the last major social media platforms to announce this sort of functionality, a surprising fact considering Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, which was a direct result of third-party applications that improperly collected user data. In fact, it was this scandal that led to the original dismantling of the legacy Instagram API.  

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