Instant Geo-tweet Maps: Just Add UMapper

A dearth of geotweets didn't stop UMapper (our UMapper API profile). Viewing geocoded tweets on a map is now super-easy, thanks to the snazzy Flash mapping Platform's new feature.

From the UMapper blog:

After two weeks of intensive testing, the Twitter Search template is ready for release! It is now easier than ever to create interactive maps with real-time Twitter feeds. You can display all tweets from a location or filter results by a specific keyword.

A search for "Olympics" in Vancouver is embedded in the map below. Drag the map to a new location and a new set of tweets is downloaded.

As with everything UMapper does, the attention to design and detail is apparent here. Each Twitter avatar is displayed within a circular marker and the search radius is also visualized.

If you create your own, you can choose between several imagery options, set the initial search center and optionally start with a specific keyword search.

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