Instant Meme Still Going Strong: 16 Instant Mashups

When we wrote about APIs fueling an "instant" frenzy, there were only four mashups in our directory tagged instant. We've added more than that just this week, taking our total to 16 instant mashups. But the most common type of instant mashup may surprise you.

About one-third of the mashups in our directory are map mashups. Not so with instant. Only one instant mashup, Google Maps Instant, covers mapping.

Shopping mashups, especially utilizing Amazon's Product API and Apple's iTunes API, have been popular with "instant" developers. Just this week, two Amazon Instant Search mashups were added to the directory.

Instantzon - Amazon Instant Search

Instantzon lets you choose an Amazon category, such as books, and start typing. The results appear below with each keystroke, as you would expect from an instant site.

Bahzah - Amazon Instant Search

Bahzah starts things out very minimal. It's Google-like, you might say. That makes its results a little less direct, because you don't choose a category, but it gets you started much faster.

Of course, shopping mashups have been popular in their own right, making up 9% of our directory. Only two tags--photos and mapping--have been more popular all time. Other tags in the top five are also popular among instant mashups: video and, of course, search.

See all 16 instant mashups in our directory.

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