InstantAPI Provides Rapid API Creation

InstantAPI is a new API management service designed to significantly cut the time required for API development and launch logistics. Formed in 2013 and officially launched in late October at TechCrunch's Disrupt Europe, the InstantAPI Platform is now open for developers to create APIs for their websites in an astounding "5 minutes."

Supporting MySQL, Postgre, MongoDB, Riak and Cloudant database structures, InstantAPI can be implemented to recognize an API type as data-driven or service-oriented, and will map data as to be exposed by a REST API using simple database queries. InstantAPI automatically creates the API Documentation, publishes the API to be consumed live, and offers simple alert tools to mointor API health. Currently, InstantAPI offers a free plan with a maximum 200 API calls day, along with paid plans scalable from small to enterprise level offerings. 

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InstantAPI Lets You Build An API In An Instant