InstaReM Announces Branded Card Platform

InstaReM, a cross-border money transfer and payments company, has announced a new API-based Platform that allows companies to deliver branded cards. The B2B platform allows third-party businesses to utilize InstaReM's ecosystem for payments and related issues. InstaReM ensures local compliance across geographies making branded cards feasible for businesses without such a robust infrastructure.

"We strongly believe anyone - whether a start-up or a large corporate - who wants to have its own branded cards program, should be able to do so," Prajit Nanu, InstaReM CEO, commented in a press release. "InstaReM is there to offer the necessary infrastructure. Our card-issuing platform is flexible, scalable and designed to support the ambitions of our enterprise partners, especially in the Fintech sector."  

Partners utilize the platform through API Integration with the platform. Once integrated, partners can create, distribute, and manage card accounts. Both physical and virtual cards can be created through the platform. Additionally, consumers can earn loyalty points, take advantage of travel programs, receive payroll payment, make payments, and more. 

The entire sign up and integration process is done digitally, so sign up is quick and simple. Partners can focus on Scaling their program, and not getting stuck in the nuts and bolts of the InstaReM infrastructure. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to the InstaReM team at the branded card site

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