Insteon Opens Connected Home API, Encourages Innovation

Insteon, a company that offers some of the best-selling wireless home control and automation products, has announced the availability of a new RESTful API that can be accessed by developers who want to build on this technology. The idea is to open the door to creativity and further exciting developments in the connected home arena.

Insteon provides a complete connected home solution that is easy to use and affordable. Users can easily do things such as adjust interior temperatures, set lighting for different conditions, monitor doors and windows with sensors, open and close garage doors and more — all from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The API gives developers access to this functionality via the Insteon Hub (a central controller for all the smart products in a home). Once purchasing the Hub (available for $39.99 at, developers will be able to integrate with it directly using Insteon’s client REST API. An API Key will be required to access any Endpoint that is exposed on the API, and those interested can access this by signing up as an Insteon developer and requesting it.

Insteon is encouraging developers to help to greatly impact the world of home automation and the Internet Of Things. The company is keen to see the creation of ground breaking, significant apps that enable consumers to achieve the ultimate home automation experience.

In a recent press release on Business Wire, CEO of Insteon, Joe Dada said,

"In addition to the widest range of products, Insteon is committed to delivering the highest degree of flexibility in home automation and control. Insteon’s thousands of developers play a central role in creating apps that help our consumer and business customers discover new and exciting ways to harness the power of their Insteon products. Insteon aims to unleash creativity in the ecosystem and remove obstacles in creating the Internet of Things-enabled interiors of our dreams.”

Further information and API documentation is available on Insteon's website.

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