Insubuy Announces Global Distribution System API

Global InsureTech company Insubuy, Inc., has announced the launch of its new OmniSecure API. OmniSecure is a Global Distribution System (GDS) API that allows Insubuy's sub-agents to painlessly integrate travel medical insurance products from various insurance companies into their existing websites.

The groundbreaking OmniSecure API takes a step further than the wildly successful BrokersNexus program, which provides sub-agents with ready-made, customized white-label websites with all the functionality of Insubuy's own website. OmniSecure API offers more advanced functionalities for more tech-savvy sub-agents. OmniSecure API meets the needs of Insubuy sub-agents who already have their own established websites that they use to sell other products (like financial products or airline tickets) or that are written in a language not currently supported by BrokersNexus. For these sub-agents, OmniSecure streamlines the process of adding different insurance products from different insurance companies to their existing website. The trailblazing OmniSecure API eliminates the need for sub-agents to become familiar with and implement each individual insurance company's API separately.

"OmniSecure API is a revolutionary technology in the travel insurance market that would allow larger brokerage firms to rapidly integrate travel insurance products in their portfolio," says Narendra Khatri, President & CEO of Insubuy.

OmniSecure is a REST-based API that allows sub-agents' websites to send a JSON request to get instant quotes from multiple insurance companies. The quotes can be consumed and displayed in any manner they prefer, along with accompanying information about the products. Once the customer chooses a specific insurance product, OmniSecure allows the sub-agents' websites to send another JSON request to make the purchase.

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