Integrate Cloud-based Time-Tracking Platform with Replicon API

Replicon, leading provider of cloud-based time-tracking applications, allows developers to integrate Replicon features with third party applications via the Replicon API. Whether time needs to be tracked for billable hours, project management, employee schedules, or some additional reason; Replicon provides real-time visibility into time, Resource, and project data.

Replicon's API sits as a key to its larger strategy to expand its business through partnerships and third party Integration. The Social+Capital Partnership founder (and Replicon investor), Chamath Palihapitiya, commented:

"[Replicon is] partnering with other companies and integrating outside products or services to accelerate business growth. With this growing interdependence, there needs to be a common Platform that can help companies deal with increasingly complex business needs and labor practices. Replicon is poised to become this platform for the future."

Replicon was founded in 1996 to help companies manage time and billing in a more streamlined fashion. Today, Replicon serves over 1.5 million people around the world, across 7,800 organizations. With an impressive awards list, and a user base that beams with the likes of Facbook, Dropbox, Xerox, HP, and many more; Replicon sits in a position primed for Palihapitiya's vision.

The Replicon API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Most of Replicon's features remain available via the API. Sample methods include accessing services, managing services, and managing account information. For more information, visit the developer site.

Many legacy business management tools have moved to the cloud. Time-tracking seems an obvious choice for its massive data use and laborious maintenance. For over a decade, Replicon has developed and continues to build the most streamlined, simple time-tracking tool the web has to offer. With confidence of world class customers and investors backing its cause, expect Replicon to enjoy continued success.

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