Integrate Social Metrics, Insights, and Content Into Apps Using New Topsy APIs

Topsy, a leading social analytics solutions provider, has announced the launch of a brand new set of social data APIs that have been added to Topsy API Services. The new set of APIs allow developers to integrate social metrics, insights, and content from any time period or in real time directly into applications.


The Topsy suite of enhanced social APIs allow developers to create microsites, social dashboards and other applications that feature historical and real-time social metrics, insights, and content generated from the vast data available via Twitter. The new set of APIs include (but not limited to):

  • Metrics, Insights and Content APIs.
  • Instant exact counts for any term or set of terms, hashtag, Twitter handle, or phrase.
  • Tweet counts, sentiment scores, geographic distribution of mentions, and potential impression counts.
  • Instant discovery of influencers related to a topic as well as related terms discovery.
  • Top tweets, links, photos, and videos, as well as URL and author analysis.

The Topsy Platform counts, indexes and enriches Twitter and social web data in realtime which makes it possible to deliver advanced social analytics services. According to the Topsy website, the company has "indexed over 100 billion items."

Topsy SVP of Product and Marketing, Jamie de Guerre, comments on the introduction of the new social data APIs in the press release:

“Our new social data APIs turn the raw Twitter firehose into high-value streams of enriched content that companies can easily use in their applications, on their websites, and in their products. By doing the heavy lifting of analysis and enrichment for developers, we’re looking to unlock the power of real-time social conversations and catalyze more widespread usage of this information.”

For more information about the new Topsy social data APIs, visit

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