Integrated Earth Data Applications: The Whole World In Our Hands

The Integrated Earth Data Applications are accessible through a variety of APIs and clients, including REST, SOAP, an Open Geospacial Consortium, and an "Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvest." These can be used to create maps, visualize data, plot sample positions and create customized data compilations. Funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the IEDA provides "data services for observational solid earth data from the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences" to support the work of the geosciences community.

All data provided from IEDA are free. The organization is a collection of institutions,

IEDA is a partnership between EarthChem and the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS). EarthChem and MGDS systems include the geochemical databases PetDB and SedDB, the geochemistry data network EarthChem, the Ridge2000 and MARGINS Data Portals, the Academic Seismic Portal field data collection, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data System, the Global Multi Resolution Topography synthesis, and the System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR.

Users can contribute their data to the system and get it published through the organization. Data collections range from the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data Portal to VentDB, a hydrothermal spring geochemistry data system.

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