Intel Opens Registration for $1 Million RealSense App Challenge

Intel has opened registration for its RealSense App Challenge. Developers are encouraged to enter the contest crafted to uncover new apps built with Intel’s 2014 SDK and Intel’s new 3D gesture camera. Through the challenge, Intel intends to discover “leading edge perceptual computing Apps.”


The challenge entails two tracks: Pioneer Track, and the invitation only, Ambassador Track. Within each track, participants can focus on one of five different innovation categories: Gaming + Play, Learning Edutainment, Interact Naturally, Collaboration/Creation, and Open Innovation. The challenge will unfold in two phases: Ideation Phase and Development Phase. During the Ideation phase, developers simply submit ideas to a panel of judges. The judges will pick up to 1000 Pioneers and 300 Ambassadors to move on to the Development Phase.

Developers must use the C# or C++. The Intel RealSense 3D Camera is the hardware star of the contest, but developers can design apps for tablet, desktop, or laptop. To learn more about the technical requirements, visit the RealSense site.  

Registration is now open and the Ideation Phase will run through October 1st for Pioneers, and September 19th for Ambassadors. The Development Phase for both tracks close January 20th of 2015. There are $1 million in prizes available, with individual prizes of up to $50,000. Those interested can register here.   

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