Intellinote Integrates Productivity Tool with Google Apps API

Most people usually take notes that they hope will eventually prove useful in some way by using either some type of mobile computing device or a piece of paper. Unfortunately, much of that information never makes it into a document, especially if it’s on a paper that can easily get lost.

To solve this problem, Intellinote created a cloud-based application that makes it easier to take notes and then incorporate those notes into other documents. The first of the documents to be supported is Google Apps; the company announced this week that its namesake software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool is now integrated via the APIs provided by Google.

Intellinote CEO Tony Lopresti says that Google Apps is the first in a series of API Integration efforts through which Intellinote will be integrated with the usual group of applications, including,, Box, and Microsoft Office 365. As part of this effort, Intellinote also announced that existing Google users can also sign in to Intellinote by using their Google credentials and that Intellinote is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace and the Chrome Web Store.

From a user’s perspective, each of these services manifests itself as an external content object that can be invoked to create a document based on the information captured by Intellinote. Part of a broader workforce optimization software trend, the goal is to increase the overall productivity of users by giving them access that allows them to more easily capture notes to not only create documents but also to manage tasks.

That capability can be especially useful to people who work across multiple departments and to organizations that frequently have standardized more often than not on different applications to manage workflow across the business.

Fresh off raising another $4.3 million in funding, Intellinote claims its application is being used to one degree or another by 2,000 organizations. Obviously, much of that usage is not being sanctioned by internal IT organizations. Through their own accord, end users are frequently invoking services such as Intellinote as part of a larger “Shadow IT” trend; these services have been enabled by the rise of cloud computing. Being able to integrate Intellinote with the documents that most business users rely on every day is a significant step toward not only increasing that usage but also making it easier for users of Intellinote to collaborate within the context of normal business workflow with others who are in those organizations.

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